Chef Meyhane created as response of the question “ How a tavern should be?” of Gazi Ateş, the Pioneer of the new consept of mezze and taverns in Turkey, combining the traditional flavors with a modern interior architecture. In the restaurant dominated by the Cretan Cuisine being one of the most delicious and healty cuisines of the World and known by using fresh and seasonal products, the consept was inspired fron Crete too. The a rches reflecting the architecture of old Cretan houses, wire mesh cabinets, jams and pickles displayed in special bottles, and ceramic details add a different atmosphere to the restaurant.
Ceramics were used in many details from mezze dishes to tables and lighting made by the famous ceramic artists in Chef Meyhane. The most striking details of Chef Meyhane, where turquoise and cobalt blue are predominant, are its bar made of ceramic and the mezze corner where delicious mezzes meet with various kinds of raki.

Coming from you

"Service, taste and quality. All in one. I give 10 points for the freshness of the fish and the wonderful appetizers. Thanks for the welcome. The staff is friendly and pleasant. It is a beautiful place with its view. Recommended."

Zeynep TAS

"I've had the best fish feast I've ever tried. The appetizers, the fish are fresh and great. Thank you to all the staff for a great night and you can be sure to come back."

Kenan ATAL

"Thank you to all employees. We chose to spend a pleasant evening with my wife and I can say that we had a lot of fun ... We were really pleased with Chef Meyhane, with their interest and friendly staff. Thank you."


"Very successful Chef Meyhane, presentation and appetizers as well as the location ... The staff is friendly and concerned. The calamari, shrimp, mussels are excellent ...... The prices are normal, I definitely recommend it to everyone. I say taste these wonderful appetizers. "


"We went as a family several times. An incredible fish taste, a restaurant that we will highly recommend with very good natured staff. It fascinated us with its view, service and friendly staff. See you again. Recommend."


"It is one of the rare places we can go to in Istanbul with its quality, freshness, taste, cleanliness, service and staff that we always go to and feel like our own home. Thanks again."



Chef Meyhane Arnavutköy Official Openning


Some of the chef’s special appetizers have been changed and the recipes have been increased.


Continues to serve by improving fine dining restaurant concept.

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