Chef Menu

Chef Mezzes

Herbed Pumpkin Mücver
(A wonderful combination of pumpkin, dill, scallions, and seasonal herbs.)

Melon Portion
(Melon, which sweet side of the hot summer days, gives you a joy of freshness while spending time at Chef Mezze.)

Chili Pepper Atom
(Sauteed chilli peppers in butter joins you in Chef Mezze’s unique ambiance.)

Dried Greek Cacik
(This dried Greek cacik, is a different touch of traditional cacik with dried cucumber and yoghurt.)

Mutabbel with Tahini and Eggplant
(Unexpected harmony of roasted eggplant and pistachio will surprise you.)

Pepper Borani
(Sliced and roasted peppers made by Chefs will be irreplaceable on your table.)

Truffle Girit Spread
(Walnut meets with cheese and gets mixed with truffle mushroom.)

(Rich flavour, smoked taste and dense texture makes the Babagannush awesome.)

(Essential pairs of roasting, eggplant and squash meets with Chef’s special sauce to make better taste.)

Special Eggplant Salad
(You can’t get enough from roasted eggplant taste and butter.)

Hot Spicy Tomato Dip with Dead Nettle
(Dynamic taste of dead nettle meets with parsley and mint and Californian peppers.)

Pumpkin Butter
(You will definitely want to meet this refreshing flavor starring pumpkin.)

Dried Stuffed Eggplant
(Chef’s interpretation of this unique recipe of Antep is also an integral part of the appetizer tables …)

Stuffed Squash Blossoms
(Freshly harvested squash blossoms joins you in Chef Mezze’s unique ambiance.)

(Flavor consisting of boiled chickpeas, caramelized onions, cinnamon, olive oil, peanuts, currants and tahini.)

Hummus Beiruti
(Lebanese cuisine comes to mind when you see the mixture of chickpea and tahina.)

Mashed Broadbeans with Onion and Apricot Stew
(Broadbeans never tasted so good. This combined taste of olive oil, broadbeans and the touch of apricot will never leave your taste buds.)

Dried Tomato
(Dried tomatoes, pomegranate syrup and garlic will stay on your taste buds!)

Grilled Artichoke
(We mixed the artichoke with grill.)

(New generation of meze’s pioneer Chef Mezze introduce you the different and dense taste of avocado.)

(Green lentils, garlic yogurt, dill, parsley and pickles come together in this delicious appetizer.)

Stuffed Grape Leaves with Cherry
(Leaves and cheery joins to create unique taste.)

Albanian Liver
(Albanian liver, one of the most popular flavors of Turkish cuisine, is something else when Chef’s hand leaves.)

Crete Bundle
(Stuffed stuffed with tangles is placed on the artichoke bed. And it is surrounded by vine leaves.)

(A different flavor consisting of roasted eggplant, seafood and melted cheese.)

with Herbs

Purslane with Blessed Thistle
(With its wry flavor, purslane finds a unique spot in meze world.)

(You should taste the hot and sour flavor of stonecrop with Chef Mezze.)

Mixed Herbs Roasting
(Wild garden orach, hibiscus and snarls unique taste will last longer on your taste buds!)

Sea Beans
(Prepared by Chef Mezze’s talented Chefs, sea beans are welcoming you.)

Cibes Sautee
(Cibes which is famous of its sautee is favorite in Mediterranian cuisine in summers.)

Sea Weed
(Seaweed mixed with roasted sesame and sesame oil.)

from the Sea

Stuffed mussels
(Stuffed mussels prepared with the special recipe of Chef Meyhane are the favorite of those who can not give up classical flavors.)

Pickled tunny
(An indispensable flavor for fish lovers, lakerda comes to the table with Chef’s interpretation.)

Cilantro Marine Sea Bass
(Marinated sea bass served with Chef’s special sauce and coriander.)

Shrimp Söğüş
(Pure beauty of boiled shrimp, serving you with touch of Chef’s and fresh parsley.)

Smoked Mackerel
(Mackerel sauced with smoked peppers, served with Onion and plenty of olive oil.)

Octopus Söğüş
(A classical taste from Chef Mezze, from the sea and always fresh.)

Shrimp with Avocado
(Avocado’s exotic taste meets with shrimps pure taste.)

Israel Calamari
(The taste where you can have it only in Chef Mezze while smelling the sea.)


Roquette Salad
(Mediterranean roquette will be irreplaceable for your plate.)

Season Salad
(Colorful salad that find a spot on every table.)

Tomato Salad with Onion
(With handpicked delicious tomatoes.)

Shepherd Salad with Goat Cheese
(A timeless classic shepherd salad joins with the sharp taste of goat cheese.)


Boureki with Smoked Cheese and Dead Nettle
(A Greek delicacy with smoked cheese and dead nettle.)

Octopus Grilled
(The octopus leg grill served with its special sauce takes its place on the tables as one of Chef’s special appetizers.)

Sea Food Casserole
(The delicious seafood cooked in a casserole creates a warming flavor.)

Skillet Belen
(Skillet Belen is traditional Hatay delicacy.)

Skillet Liver
(From Edirne province, traditional and famous skillet liver comes to Chef Mezze’s kitchen.)

Shrimp Casserole
(Casserole makes everything delicious.)

Fish Kokoreç
(Assertive taste among other kokoreç styles.)

Grilled Calamari
(A taste that has no alternative for those who cannot give up the simplicity of squid.)

Butter Shrimp
(A great shrimp flavor accompanied by finely chopped parsley and delicious butter.)

Crispy Shrimp Wrapped in Kadayıf
(Shrimp wrapped in kadayıfa and fried is a different alternative with its crispy flavor.)

Shrimp with Beef Bacon
(Seasoned jumbo shrimp meets with beef bacons amazing taste.)


Traditional Seasoned Tripe

Seasoned Brain

Grilled Lamb Intestines


Chef Mezze Meatball
(Prepared by Chef’s special recipe.)

Fillet Steak with Cafe de Paris Sauce
(From France, by Chef Mezze.)

Grilled Salmon
(Salmon made by Chef’s dilligent hands.)

Fish of the Day
(Changes daily due to season.)


Chef Mezze’s Special Katmer
(Katmer made by Chef’s special recipe, from Antep province.)

Ayvalık Curd Dessert
(This special recipe unique to Ayvalık, made of fresh curd cheese, is perfect to crown a delicious meal.)

(Intense chocolate and on point texture; it will warm your heart.)

Semolina Halva
(Traditional semolina halva from our kitchen.)